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Hey so we don’t like One Direction anymore, so this is really awkward. We understand if you want to unfollow this blog obviously, though it will always be here because we’re proud of how many notes a lot of our shit got. Also, Best Song Ever isn’t very good. Oh, and Harry Styles will always be hot as fuck and a great singer. 

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hi i just read your one direction experience and omg you are so lucky really, i want one just like yours sigh


I still freak out about it to this day. I can’t believe it happened.

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i hate one direction dont you


yeah kinda

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Louis visiting some fans in jail. 

Harry visiting the spammers in jail.

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ain’t no stoned face like a harry styles stoned face

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There’s no pun to go with this picture. I had just never seen it before. 

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my new favourite blog :D



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Harry visiting some of his favorite animals at the zoo.

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this has never been more relevant.

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is it just me or do niall’s legs look like puppet legs?

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I literally fangirl about the experience every time I hang out with the friends I was with that night!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My story of being in the tattoo parlor in LA with Harry, Liam, and Andy on 11/7/12!!! 

I’ve been meaning to write about my experience with Harry Styles inside the tattoo parlor the day he got the birds tattooed on his chest in LA, so here is a written account of my experience (finally).

Basically, my friend was interested in getting a tattoo at Shamrock (the tattoo parlor where the boys often go in LA) and we went during the day to get a quote on how much her particular tattoo would cost (they have a set price of at least $100 for a tattoo, no matter how small).  Then later when we were hanging out on Sunset Boulevard, we heard that Harry, Liam, and Andy were at the tattoo parlor, so my friend decided that she was going to get her tattoo. 

There was a huge crowd outside of the tattoo parlor and one of the security guards was making sure nobody entered.  As we walked towards the door, the security guard told us to leave, but then the guy we spoke with earlier recognized us and let my 3 friends and I (including the one getting the tattoo) inside. He told us it would be an hour or two before we were helped and that we could wait inside, so obviously we were fine with that. 

My friend and I (one of the ones not getting the tattoo) sat on a bench literally right next to where Andy was standing (if I moved my arm at all, I would’ve elbowed Andy and I’m pretty sure I did multiple times by accident). Andy was standing against the counter behind which Liam was getting tattooed, so I was basically right next to Liam while he was getting the 4 arrows tattooed on his forearm.

Later on, I went across the room to talk to my friend who would be getting the tattoo, and while I was standing, I looked over to where Harry was getting tattooed (because who doesn’t want to look at a shirtless Harry Styles?) and he was staring right at me with that concentrated stare he is known for.  At first, I stared right back at him (mainly out of disbelief, and because I was entranced by his perfect green eyes), but then I began to blush and I quickly turned away out of embarrassment.  When I glanced back, he was focused on his tattoos again.

So after talking to my friend for a bit longer, I went back to my seat next to Andy and I occasionally eavesdropped on his conversations with Liam.  One memorable thing I overheard was him saying, “I don’t know why there are 14 year olds outside, they don’t stand a chance.” This made me laugh and I also wanted to reassure him that I was 19, but I figured he knew I must be over 18 since I was inside the tattoo shop.

After a while, my friend and I really had to pee, but she was nervous to ask anybody and we knew if we just started roaming around looking for the bathroom that the security guard would get upset, so when I saw the guy who let us inside the parlor, I asked him where the bathroom was and he pointed to a green door right across from where Harry was getting tattooed.  Just as my friend was about to get up to use the restroom, Liam got up and went over to Harry to say goodbye, so we stayed in our seats until Liam and Andy left because we didn’t want it to seem as though we were using the bathroom as an excuse to be near them.  Once they left (Harry was still being tattooed shirtless), my friend went to the bathroom which was a single person room. 


Once she was done using the bathroom, she opened the bathroom door to find a shirtless Harry Styles leaning against the doorway waiting to use the bathroom.  She was too nervous to say anything because it’s FUCKING HARRY STYLES so she just waited for him to move out of the way and went back to her seat.  At this point I had to pee really badly, so when she tried to tell me something I just walked over to the bathroom quickly (not realizing Harry was in there).  When I tried to open the door, Harry’s tattoo artist told me someone was in there, and I realized that Harry was missing and it was him in there!  So I went back to my seat and waited for him to come out, then when he left the bathroom, I walked back over and went in.

Then, just as I was about to go to the bathroom, I looked at the toilet seat and…THERE WAS PEE ON IT!!! So for a moment I laughed to myself because Harry fucking Styles left pee on the toilet seat (I know it wasn’t my friend because she swears she made sure she left the bathroom pristine in case he were to come in after her). After a moment of laughter and disbelief, I wiped the pee off the toilet seat with toilet paper and promptly threw that toilet paper away (sorry, I didn’t do anything creepy with it).  Once I was done, I went to wash my hands and the water was warm (just thought I’d give you that info so you know that Harry Styles likes to use warm water to wash his hands).  Also, my friend later made the point that I touched the same faucet that Harry Styles touched after touching his penis, so I have indirectly touched Harry Styles’ penis (sorry, this is starting to sound creepy). 

After I was all done, I opened the door and a few feet in front of me was Harry’s butt.  He was bent over eating a salad on the counter.  So at first I stared at his butt for a moment and just ingrained that image into my head, then I tried to get past him to return to my seat, but he was in the way.  I said, “Excuse me” in the sweetest voice I could muster, and he turned his head slightly away from his food and said, “Oh, I’m sorry!” in his adorable, but manly and low British accent.  He then moved just enough for me to squeeze past him, and I returned to my seat.  Soon afterwards, my friend was done getting her tattoo and I had to pick my friend up from the airport, so we left.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures or ask for autographs or even really engage in conversation with them because the security guards were being dicks, one in particular who was wearing a plaid shirt, but you could tell the boys didn’t really mind us being there, they were just curious.  It was an unforgettable experience being one of only 8 or so girls inside the tattoo parlor with a shirtless Harry Styles, as well as Liam Payne and Andy Samuels (both of whom kept their shirts on the entire time sadly).  I also felt so honored to be able to see Harry’s bird tattoos throughout the process of getting them done and I knew what they looked like before pretty much anyone else.

Basically, this entire experience resulted from luck and good timing, which is honestly the only way most people get a chance to be there. You have to be in the right place at the right time.  If you have any questions, ask away!!!

-Laura xx

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I’ll be posting my story about being inside the tattoo parlor in LA with Harry, Liam, and Andy in 5 minutes!!! 

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Getting likes on a post instead of a reblog is like when people say Haylor isn’t real. I appreciate the reassurance, but that doesn’t make me any happier.

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